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Connections with Internal Information Systems

Protect your Internal Information Systems

If organizations have internal information systems that connect to any external systems in order to support business operations, these system interconnections need to be tracked and appropriately managed. This will help organizations protect against the misuse or loss of data belonging to the organization. This also protects any in-scope data belonging to customers or consumers of the organization’s services.

Connecting Systems from Within

Connections from systems within your organization to external systems should be authorized and protected using appropriate documentation containing security control requirements, such as an Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA). ISAs should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain accurate, appropriate, and continue to align with defined Security Program control requirements. This can be at a frequency defined by your organization, but typically this is an annual requirement.

For each system interconnection, the interface characteristics, security and privacy control requirements, along with the nature of the information being communicated should be documented. Your organization should follow a deny-all, permit-by-exception process or procedure for allowing your systems to connect to external systems.

Connecting Internal and External Systems

Internal system connections to external systems should always be authorized prior to the connections being implemented. This is recommended because once an interconnection has been established, you have effectively created a hole in your network to an outside entity, albeit an intentional one in most cases. Any interconnection should be protected with an appropriate level of security controls to prevent residual risk wherever possible.

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