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Automate & Simplify Your Cybersecurity Compliance

Understand your Cybersecurity Posture In Under 3 Minutes

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The Challenge

Do you struggle with keeping up with compliance requirements and managing security risks in your organization? Are you constantly worrying about whether you are doing everything you need to do to protect your business and your client's data? How do you know as a C-Suite executive that your team is doing all they should be doing to protect your organization from a cyber-attack?

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The Solution

Ascent Portal provides an automated governance, security, and compliance platform that simplifies risk management and streamlines compliance. With the Ascent Portal platform’s real-time compliance scoring, you can easily monitor your compliance posture and immediately identify areas for improvement, all while ensuring team accountability and reducing the compliance workload.

The Benefits


Achieve trust and certainty:

By automating compliance and simplifying risk management, you can better certify the trust that your clients place in you.


Save time and resources:

Our platform and services streamline the compliance process, freeing up your team to focus on other important business activities.


Stay ahead of compliance requirements:

Our solution helps you stay up-to-date with ever-changing compliance requirements, so you can avoid costly fines and penalties.

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Ascent Portal offers a comprehensive risk management and compliance solution that includes:


Automated Compliance Monitoring and Management


Continuous risk assessment and mitigation


Streamlined reporting and audit preparation


Incident Response


Vendor Due Diligence


Expert support and guidance

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Ready to take control of your business again by automating compliance and risk management?


Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how Ascent Portal can help you achieve trust and certainty for your business and clients.


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