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Ascent Portal for
Managed Service Providers & MSSP

Image by Carl Heyerdahl
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Make Security and Compliance a Growing Profit Center

The Ascent Portal Security and Compliance Portal give MSP's & MSSP the “secret sauce” they need to deliver SaaS security management and compliance as a service. Support your customers’ compliance processes, regardless of the framework they need to implement while automating their control task reminders, vendor management, and awareness training.

The Ascent Portal is a multi-tenant compliance management and SaaS security management solution that is MSP ready. The white-label solution offers custom branding so you can package it as your own solution and use it to accelerate your security and compliance practice.

Our promise: Every dollar we get from one of your customers will go right back to you. 

How Ascent Portal simplifies and automates Customer Compliance


Assessment and Compliance 

Get value day-one with pre-built and customizable assessments and policies. Access 100's of detailed policy-driven security controls and measure your customers progress. 



Proven templates for policies, standards, plans and procedures effectively communicate your control requirements, prescribe workflows and recommend responses. 


Customer Management

Automate customer due diligence processes with a pre-built compliance questionnaire and streamline contract renewals, auto-renewals and terminations.

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Gartner reports that enterprises plan to increase their compliance spending on external experts and services by 30%. If you want your share of this growing opportunity, Ascent Portal is for you. Packaging everything MSPs need to deliver security and compliance management as a service, it will give your business a new profit center that will set you apart.

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