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Accountable Security and Compliance

Automate, Manage and Track All Your Compliance Processes Across Leading Industry Frameworks

The ASCENT Portal is a comprehensive SaaS-based platform that delivers fingertip access to everything you need to comply with more than 40 leading frameworks. From customizable assessments and calendar-driven control task reminders to governance templates and compliant vendor management, ASCENT puts you in control of your compliance and security program, so you remain audit-ready, any time.

Key ASCENT Portal Benefits:

  • Immediate ROI – The value of ASCENT starts day one, automating compliance management and removing redundant steps between control frameworks.
  • Always Current – ASCENT’s real-time security and compliance status is available 24/7 to match the nature of today’s real-time threat and reporting needs.
  • Automated Control – ASCENT automates control tasks with calendared reminders and weekly status reporting so control owners and stakeholders are continuously aware of current compliance status and next steps.
  • Archived Evidence – ASCENT automatically curates compliance artifacts and evidence, retaining them in the Control Library and auto-populating them for any selected framework, in perpetuity.
  • Single Source of Truth – ASCENT delivers all the necessary functions to manage a complete security program – across governance, risk and compliance processes – from a single, cloud-based portal.
  • No Installations or Hardware – ASCENT doesn’t require any hardware investments or software installations. It’s always ready and securely accessible.

Simplify Compliance Alignment

The ASCENT Portal will simplify your security assessment process with pre-populated assessment questionnaires for more than 40 control frameworks. Building on your success, the portal will simplify the historically challenging process of staging your compliance program while providing field-proven guidance and real-time insights on your overall compliance status.

Assessment & Compliance Benefits:

  • Pre-Populated Assessments – ASCENT outlines and pre-populates the prescribed compliance tasks required for your selected frameworks.
  • No Work Wasted – ASCENT builds on your success maintaining complete history of your security and compliance program – regardless of how many frameworks you may use.
  • Dashboard Views – ASCENT delivers graphical representation of your current compliance state, in real time, so you can monitor your risk score with monthly trends and cumulative status.
  • Calendared Tasks – ASCENT will populate compliance tasks that align to your selected frameworks with defined due dates and email reminders so actions get taken and won’t pile up.
  • Task Owner Views – Task owners can see and manage their own control assignments, manage their timeline and ensure completion.

Ensure Industry Best-Practices

The ASCENT Portal is built to deliver all of the templates organizations need for policies, standards, plans and procedures to effectively comply and communicate control requirements. Templates are customizable and pre-populated for each selected framework and benchmarked to rate compliance scores. Proving compliance is easy with ASCENT evidence collection, read-only auditor access and export functionality.

Governance Benefits:

  • Customizable Templates – Access field-proven compliance templates for policies, plans and procedures and customize them to suit your business requirements.
  • Simplified Remediation – Stay on track using the ASCENT recommendations for compliance remediation and corrective actions.
  • Sample Artifacts – Improve your compliance evidence and artifacts with industry-specific artifact examples for every framework control.
  • Compliant Retention Library – Curate your evidence artifacts for use across multiple frameworks and never start from scratch again with a new compliance year.
  • Painless Audits – Using the ASCENT control library, auditors can have read-only access or full exports of compliance artifacts.

Prepare for the Unknown with Confidence

With ASCENT Portal, you have a comprehensive solution for business continuity and availability. Robust tools offer business continuity and disaster recovery plan templates, contingency planning guidance and business risk and impact analysis so you can ensure that you not only meet compliance requirements for DR planning, but enable your business with operational success in the event of an unexpected event.

Business Continuity Benefits:

  • Customizable BC/DR Plans – Access world-class continuity and recovery plan templates to customize the action plan that keeps your business prepared.
  • Analyze Risk and Impact – ASCENT provides valuable tools to support your contingency planning based on operational importance and sensitivity risk.
  • Proactive Remediation – ASCENT will outline key remediation steps needed to prevent risk exposure in the event of disaster or cyberattack.
  • Prescribed Actions – ASCENT business continuity planning prescribes action plans for call trees, test scripts, test reporting, event reports and more.
  • Outage Proof – ASCENT is a cloud-based solution so critical business continuity documents are always available to authorized users even when corporate outages are present.

Ensure Vendors Comply with Your Policies

Perform your vendor due diligence and contract management with seamless efficiency. The ASCENT Portal provides dedicated links for vendor due diligence questionnaires to be completed and applied directly to the portal, minimizing tedious staff management and coordination actions. Contract renewal reminders and renewal contract prompts are also automated so contract compliance is always current.

Vendor Management Benefits:

  • Preliminary Assessments – Assess current vendor contracts and agreements to identify vendor remediation requirements.
  • Simplified Due Diligence – Due diligence questions are automated, with email requests sent to third parties for completion directly into the portal.
  • On-Demand Reporting – Individual and overall due diligence reports can be generated on demand, by any authorized user for a quick view of compliance.
  • Contract Management – Seamlessly manage vendor contracts including contract renewals, end dates and the required data to submit notice of intent to terminate auto renewal contracts.
  • Vendor Notification – Notify vendors of non-compliance via email for directly compliance remediation through the portal.

Prep Employees to be Your First Line of Defense

Arm your security defenses with employees that are trained to spot and act when security threats attempt to break through. ASCENT delivers a complete awareness training process with simplified management for annual, new hire and role-based training on security best practices and steps to take when breached.

Security Awareness Training Benefits:

  • User Training – Deliver packaged training programs for users throughout your organization to spot security breaches, protect sensitive data and use technology best practices to keep cyberthreats at bay.
  • Phishing Tests – Practice can make perfect. ASCENT will provide you with regular phishing tests to train users what to look out for should email phishing be attempted on them.
  • Training Reporting – Ensure employees complete required training programs with comprehensive and customizable reporting to ensure your organization has prepped its employees to remain vigilant.


“The always-current assessment from ASCENT provides real-time status every time we access the Portal. Efficiency, accountability, and control ownership is improved by the calendar functionality that reminds control owners when tasks are due each month.”

Financial Services Organization

“ASCENT provides transparency in the clean-up and remediation process and holds the team accountable. It also tracks due dates for open, overdue, and completed tasks with proof of completion.”

National Electrical Service Provider
“ASCENT has given us the tools and provided the expertise to make sure we stay compliant with regulators.  Most importantly, their solution ensures that our critical information assets remain protected.”
Bank Headquartered in Texas

“We use ASCENT Portal to manage several multi-tenant audits and the required supporting documentation. I strongly feel this is a system that is going to streamline our efforts in getting DoD contractors CMMC certified and manage those findings in a secure system.”

Managed IT and Security Services Provider
“The Security Compliance assessment and calendar reminders from ASCENT have raised our security posture by over 90 percentage points. We have instant and constant accountability for each of our control owners.”
Urgent Care Hospital in Texas

Manage Security and Compliance End-to-End

ASCENT Portal delivers the tools and automation to persistently manage your security and compliance program across the complete control lifecycle.