Cyber Resilience Review (CRR)

CRR is a non-technical control framework created by the Department of Homeland Security. It is intended to evaluate the operational resilience and effectiveness of cybersecurity practices organizations have in place.

What’s included?

  • Security Assessment addressing all CRR control requirements
  • Risk Assessment for Environmental, Human, IT, and Business Risks
  • Compliance Calendar and Real-Time Dashboards
  • Policies, plans, and procedures for complying with CRR requirements
  • Incident Response Management and Reporting
  • Acknowledgement Tracking for Policies, Acceptable Use, Employee Handbooks, and more
  • Business Continuity Strategy, Plan, Testing, and Reporting Templates
  • Vendor Due Diligence Procedure, Automated Risk Ranking, Assessments, and Reporting
  • Security Awareness: Annual, New Hire, Functional/Role-Based Training and Reporting
  • Automated Weekly Status Reports and On-Demand Complete Assessment Reports

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